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Monday, August 1, 2011@ 8:44 AM
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In case you haven’t noticed, being on the spiritual path doesn’t promise an immunity from human issues, such as “doubt” –the opposite of TRUST. But where does the thought or voice of doubt come from? It should be obvious to us all that doubt is not the voice of God. Instead, doubt comes from our ego whose intention it is to keep us from trusting and moving forward in our life–as this would eventually lead us home, to Heaven, where the ego no longer exists.
The general rule is that when we experience something new and wonderful in our life, the ego will do all that it can to make us doubt this change. This of course, leads us back to where we started and even worse off than before, as now we have added the unconscious guilt we feel for allowing doubt to ruin our new opportunity.
For most people, Trust (like love) is a state of being that is usually conditional. Such folks claim that they “…would Trust more if only there were more trustworthy people” in their lives. This, of course, confirms that they are not really driven by Trust but instead by doubt, fear, and control. On one level, this makes sense and is understandable since the traumas in our life can certainly tempt us to freeze up or shut down and not want to Trust again. On another level, we must learn to break these old patterns, which takes commitment to our Spirituality and Healing. One way we can help others with such doubt and fear is for us to become more trustworthy people for others. Ironically, to heal our issues with Trust, we have to actually exercise Trust–at least a little. Naturally, the ego has no intention of allowing such breakthroughs and will do all it can to remind us how painful the results can be if we actually let go and learn to Trust again.
As we develop Trust, which is an attribute of the heart chakra and of Christ Consciousness, it means confronting our issues that pushed Love and Trust away in the first place. So what do we do? It feels like a “no win” situation. If we do not Trust, then we will never know Love nor our Divinity. On the other hand, if we do Trust, we could end up getting hurt again, which results in us closing up our heart center even more and blocking out Love and Trust from our life forever. However, keep in mind that where there is no Trust, there is no Love and where there is no Love, there are no Miracles nor the Presence of Christ.
There is but one answer to this dilemma. We have to learn to Trust in a sure thing by trusting people or things that will never hurt us. And the only thing that will never hurt us is the Divine Light within each of us. When we know how to contact the Divine Light in ourselves and others, we then learn to Trust in the reality that we are always safe.
Many of us have come to learn and believe that we grow closer to God whenever we learn to TRUST more often. But it needs to be clear that Trust does not mean trusting the frail and sometimes hurtful aspects of a person. It means trusting the real part of them-the Holy, Christ part of them. In other words, when we truly Trust, we are trusting a person’s Divinity (which is trustworthy), not their ego (which is not trustworthy). So, spiritually-speaking, we must Trust in the Divinity of others, and yet, behaviorally-speaking, we must practice exercising our spiritual muscles (our boundaries) and remain aware of the human limits of others and of ourselves.
Besides being controlled by our past wounds, one of the other primary reasons that most people find it difficult to Trust is that there are so many common misunderstandings about what Trust is and where and how to apply. So let’s shed light on these misunderstandings by explaining that there are two kinds of Trust: Divine and human. We often inadvertently assume that Divine Trust means to Trust God and that human Trust means to Trust humans but this is not the case. The differentiation between the two kinds of Trust is not determined by WHO we are attempting to Trust (either God or man) but rather HOW we Trust (the quality and authenticity). Again, there are indeed two kinds of Trust (and either can be placed in God or man) and they are: Divine Trust (which is to Trust in a person’s Divinity and who God created them to be) and human Trust (which is to Trust in the person’s flawed humanness or ego), which is not very wise.
The proper perspective, then, is as follows: we need to do our best to KNOW that within all people there is a Divine Being, which is deserving of our Love and Trust. In fact, the more we practice Loving and Trusting them, the easier it will be for them to one day accept their True Identity. However, given that we seem to be living in a three dimensional world and have to deal with the daily issues of life, we need to accept that not everyone is living from their Divine Nature. If they are coming from their ego humanness, they may not be a good candidate for some manifestations of our Trust–at least not in that moment. If, for example, they have a habit of stealing, we can demonstrate Divine Trust by holding the prayerful intention that this person has a spark of Divinity and will one day awaken to this like everyone else. And yet, we might also choose not to give that person responsibilities that could tempt them to hurt us (and/or themselves) by stealing from us. This would only demonstrate that we only had a human level of Trust (and attachment) that this person would behave in a specific way. This isn’t Trust. It’s just foolish!
So rather than Trusting in our attachment to their having better behavior, we should have been Trusting in their soul and maintaining the knowingness that no matter how they behave, we Trust that they are still Divine–though they are not aware of it at present. Our Divine Trust allows that person to be a thief, knowing or Trusting that this is not their True Nature and that despite their behaviors, they will one day heal. Then, besides holding this Divine Image of them, we might also choose to assist them with their problem by giving them some reasonable responsibility (that we can afford–on all levels–to risk), thus helping them feel trusted, which then offers them an opportunity to heal and to create new life patterns.
In the end, whenever we experience a betrayal of Trust, it is possibly our own unseen attempt to push Love, Trust, others, and even God, away. As we heal our own Inner issues, we gradually allow ourselves to Trust again, which assists in opening our heart center–the home of our soul. So we must do all we can to resist the temptation to lose our Trust and allow doubt to creep in. We need to stop shutting down for too long and/or blaming others. The experience and potential growth is ours. We will never find Trust by blaming others for our lack of it. But if doubt does creep in, we must see it for what it is–an attempt to sabotage our good–and then make a determined decision to say NO to these doubts, as well as to forgive ourselves for having created them. Lastly, we need to move forward by making plans to get back on track, look for baby steps we can take to develop Trust again, and use inspiration and visualization to support our vision for a new life.
Love & Light, Michael Mirdad

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Very inspiring and wonderful service. The meditation was very powerful and energizing. At the end I felt uplifted…. Maybe the love of the angels??? I would like to say too, the chanting from the bhakti yoga was very, very beautiful!!!
Thank you Michael !!!!
I listened to Michael’s Sacred Service “Real World” and it confirmed for me, that in relation to my personal and professional life, I need to leave gossip behind and stay focused on doing good work. If everyone listened to just this one video, so much pain and suffering could be removed from everyday living. I am so grateful that Michael has put this library of his teachings up for us all to tap into. Such great works of wisdom!!
–T, CT
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Testimonial of the Month
Dear Michael: It’s been some time since my private session, so I wanted to fill you in on what happened as a result. When I came to you, I had hit a road-block in my recovery from neurological Lyme disease. I was unresponsive to medication, lost my independence, and ability to cope with daily life. The best way to describe what happened after the session was like someone put a turbo charger on me. Soon after, test results began coming back at healthy levels for someone “in my condition” and such an advanced stage of Lyme. That was just the beginning. Then I found a peruvian herbal protocol for Lyme disease and sought the help of John of God, as you suggested. Then I found a therapist who specializes in trauma to help with family dynamics and began letting go of shame and guilt. Now I am functioning normally and have been symptom-free from Lyme ever since. Needless to say, my doctors and therapist were shocked at my progress in only a matter of weeks. The old me has been officially dismantled and it’s now about redefining a new life. I was praying for a miracle and was desperate for change when I made that appointment to see you. I received much more than I could have even hoped for. I want to sincerely thank you for being present with me and creating a safe space to be vulnerable. That was the first time in my life that I recall ever allowing myself to feel that level of pain that I had buried for 29 years. You are such an inspiration and someone I see as a role model of spiritual integrity and truth (delivered with a healthy dose of humor). I am very grateful to have had this life-changing opportunity. Thank you for all that you are!