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Monday, August 1, 2011@ 8:44 AM
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The Truth Will Set You Free

When we say, “This is my truth,” what exactly are we referring to? If you have your truth and I have mine, then it means that there are two truths or, more accurately, seven billion truths on planet Earth. No wonder we can’t get along or agree on anything. And no wonder why Jesus explained, “Where two people are gathered in my name (One Truth), there shall I (Truth) be.”

But since the duality, or separation, in our truths brings us conflict, then those with differing truths are certain to miss out on the chance of experiencing the love, peace, and happiness that comes from knowing the ONE TRUTH OF SPIRIT? What is the ONE Truth of Spirit? It is that, “GOD IS.” In saying, “God Is,” we are also saying that “God is ONE,” which means that we are all part of God. And since “God Is,” then so too are we, which means that we need nothing to make us feel more complete. Therefore the Truth that is in God (and IS God), is also in us (and is us). And it is this Truth that we must learn to access as our inner Guide. To say we are guided by the Truth is the same as saying we are guided by Love or God. They are all ONE and the same and they all set us free.

If there really is but One (Power) God and One Truth in the universe, then it needs to be our priority to know and honor that Truth. To know this Truth, we must first discover that it lies deep within us and nowhere else. To honor this Truth means to discipline ourselves to follow NO other guidance but the One Truth within us–not our ego’s little truth (which is always based on limited and judgmental opinions), but the powerful, loving Truth of God. And one of the most practical ways of demonstrating our new commitment to following only God’s Truth as our Guide is to constantly ask ourselves which decisions set before us resonate most with Love, Peace, and Happiness. Also, we must allow the Divine Truth of who we are guide where we go and what we do and with whom.

Each day is a new opportunity to follow greater guidance, which would of course lead us towards a life that is far better than the one we had yesterday–personally and globally. But if we find that we cannot connect with this inner Guide or that we still aren’t sure which road to take to improve our life, then what are we going to do about it? Remember, if we don’t do anything different right NOW, then we can pretty much expect the same life in the future. It’s that simple!

However, if you are ready for some radical ideas as to how to test your honesty and courage, then brace yourself and ask the following question in regard to your relationship, job, and/or health: “When I think about this person, job, or my health, existing as it is for another 20 years of my life, how do I feel?” If you feel a sense of love, peace, and/or happiness, then you are probably succeeding in following the Guidance of the Truth from within. If, on the other hand, you feel afraid, tense, and/or deflated, it probably means you are not following the Guidance of the Truth (of Spirit). In this latter case you must understand that if you prefer not to experience this person or situation as it currently is for yet another 20 years, then what are you going to do NOW to alter it or prevent it? The Truth tells us that if we do nothing new, then we will get nothing new. This is basically an “upgrade” on our “personal Guidance system.”

Asking ourselves such questions is one of the best ways to shift ourselves back into listening to a greater Truth that we know, deep down, wants to lead us Home. But asking is merely the first step. We must also answer the question, learn something about ourselves, make a plan to act on whatever it is that we learned, and lastly, we must implement our new plan. Doing such will assuredly lead us to a future that is quite different from the past. Otherwise, once again, our future is doomed to keep reflecting our past mistakes and will probably look and feel very much the same as it has for years.

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad


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