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People often ask me how I maintain my energy level and a sense of inspiration. The answer is that the more we stay connected to Spirit and know who we are and live our lives in a way that is congruent with that true identity, then we tend to be fed–spiritually, energetically, and emotionally. This translates as feeling great and inspired most of the time.
As you can imagine, it’s nearly impossible to be low on energy when we feel Guided by God and practice living in this zone of Spirit. It feels like being a lottery winner. On the other hand, not feeling connected to Spirit and/or not living in the zone nor following our God-Guided dreams, tends to make us feel drained and uninspired, which can result in feeling hopelessness and despair.


One thing is certain, we cannot feel energized and inspired (which means, “to be in the Spirit”) if we are not feeling connected to God. Therefore, a lack of prayer, meditation, and getting spiritual guidance is one of the two primary reasons we might feel less than excited about life. The other reason for feeling a lack of energy and inspiration is because most human beings tend to have leaks, wherein their energy drains out as quickly as it fills up.


It’s a bit sad and ironic but even if we feel connected to Spirit, there is a good chance we still might not feel very connected. The often overlooked reason is simple: no matter how much water we put in a pool, if the pool has leaks the water will drain out. Most human beings have numerous leaks in their consciousness that cause them to lose energy and inspiration. The only true way to remain filled with the Spirit AND maintain the energy to match, is to patch our energetic leaks that are draining our Inspirations (and our energy) AND follow our Spiritually Inspired dreams.


The bottom line is that if we fail to “step up,” follow through, and manifest our hopes and dreams, (job, relationship, home, etc.), much of the creative breath, or original energy, behind such Inspirations will eventually become deflated and fade away-leaving us with a corpse of an idea that we cling to–like a handful of dust. And most of us are too frightened to look down to see that we are only holding the remaining dust of our former dreams that we may have thought were still alive. To worsen things even more, most people have not one, but many dozens, of hopes and dreams that remain unfulfilled throughout their life.


But these unfulfilled dreams do not just sit around (in the back of our minds), waiting to be put to use. Instead, a portion of these dreams actually becomes our mini creations that cry to be fed. When we ignore them, they begin to suck energy from us (their creators), to keep them alive. This continues until we patch our leaks and become filled with new Inspiration.


Another portion of our unfulfilled dreams and Inspirations end up getting reabsorbed, back into the cosmos, only to be recycled and given to someone else as inspirations or opportunities. For example, some of us have received ideas, inventions, songs, etc., from the vast creative energies of Spirit, and when we failed to act on these inspirations, they were reabsorbed back into the ethers and redistributed, giving someone else the opportunity to act on them and to bring the idea to the world. This cycle continues until someone brings the idea into fruition.


But it’s not just these unfulfilled dreams that cause leaks in our lives. Whenever we fail to keep a promise, agreement, appointment, and so forth, we are creating leaks that will take their toll on our energy and Inspiration level. We can even leak energy if we are hooked by the promises of others–such as when we want something from them that they will not (or cannot) give.


There are a couple of ways to patch the leaks in our lives:


1.  Go out there and bring these hopes and/or dreams to fruition. But be careful to only follow the dreams that are inspiring and healthy. And do NOT become attached to the outcome, as the journey is often, in itself, enough.
2.  Consciously choose to let some dreams go, which is done through the honest recognition that you will not (orcannot) pursue that particular dream. This latter option may sound like a let-down but we create renewed energy and power when we allow ourselves to accept the things we cannot change. We also gain a freedom to move on with new Inspiration.




The first thing we must do to revitalize our dreams and hopes is to release those that no longer have enough energy left in them to be resuscitated, as well as recognizing and releasing those that we will probably not attain or manifest. These could include relationships, a book project, a better home, a new career, and so forth.


Letting go of the hopes and dreams that are unlikely to manifest, takes great courage and trust, but might be a little painful to us at first. However, “letting go” of dead or stagnant hopes and dreams releases energy that can be recycled to become inspirations to new visions and projects waiting to be fulfilled. It’s the classic story that the old must die to make room for the new. We must also learn to identify and release any hopes and dreams that are clearly ego-based (such as materialistic dream) and dreams that do not serve our higher good.




Once we’ve bid “farewell,” to the hopes and dreams that once drained our energy and/or left us unfulfilled, we should prepare to become clearer, divinely guided channels of Inspiration. We can now receive new inspirations and will have a greater chance of manifesting new, higher and healthier hopes and dreams based on Divine Inspiration.


The universe actually has a reservoir of Inspiration and energy that we can tap into at any time but if we havetoo many leaks OR if we procrastinate too long, they tend to “die on the vine,” which is why some people never see the fruition of what they believed to be true Inspirations. The energy from such a loss is then reabsorbed into the universe’s reservoir and those who are most attuned to it are the ones who tend to most easily access it. In fact, most millionaires were made such by picking up on Inspirations that someone else missed.


As we live a life that is more in alignment with the new visions we seek to receive AND learn to focus our time and energy only on hopes and dreams that are healthy and inspired, we will begin to see a life with goodness beyond our imagination.

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad


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Testimonial of the Month

What a beautiful message in your last e blast Michael. I continue to be astounded at your wisdom, joy and leadership. Also, thanks for sharing who you are, and how you have lived your life. Truly an inspiration and affirmation for me, too, who prefers Walt Disney and productions like the Planet Earth series to nurture my Divinity. Your vulnerability is a precious gift. Unity of Sedona and our planet are blessed in powerful ways by your light, love and joy! You have clearly demonstrated the keys to the Kingdom! And you bear great fruits! I see in you love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, patience, tolerance, wisdom, understanding, compassion, working of miracles and devotion to being the Christ on Earth. I also recognize and celebrate that you are in alignment with God’s Will. -SD, AZ